The Resort

Plan your next holiday or conference in a wild deep jungle Bandipur. Yes, we mean ‘Tiger Ranch’ which is situated in a dense bamboo grove. Tiger Ranch has been established as a model of the tribal village of the ancient Kurba sect who have been jungle dwellers for centuries. As any tribal village all the cottages and the restaurant are made of bamboo thatch.Tiger Ranch has its own campfire which is lighted the entire night like in the ancient Kurba villages. Just imagine the excitement and thrill of driving past a few herds of deer, sambhars and elephants through 4 Kms of lush green forest, the last 1 km of which is a jungle mud track, to reach the most exclusive wildlife resort ‘TIGER RANCH’.The shooting for Ram Gopal Verma’s film ‘Jungle’ was done here. The unit comprising of Sunil Shetty,Urmila, Fardeen Khan stayed at TigerRanch for 45 days.

How to reach Tiger Ranch and other information

Distance from Bangalore - 220km , about 6 hrs of drive
Distance from Mysore     - 80 kms, about 2 hrs of drive
Nearest Airports             - Banglore /Coimbatore
Nearest Railway station   - Mysore
Recommended clothing   - Jeans, Shorts, Sweater, Shoes ,
                                         heavy woolens during winter
Please carry                    - Insect Repellent, Torch